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new layout, its awesome. anyways, don't know why i even wanted one considering that it seems this livejournal thing is pretty much dead.

i have lost touch with alot of kids, they all went to different places for college and i sit here and kick myself in the ass. not leaving this town is the worst mistake i ever made.

anyways,I hate people that lie about stupid shit. the kids i spent almost my whole summer with, its a fucking joke. i wasted so much time.

i hate it when people say they are something they really aren't, if you say you believe in something, stick to it, seriously.

i am going back in a few days to add the words "stay true" to my tat, its my message to alot of kids that can't stay true to their word.

oh well, i have some dvd's to sell.

they include: Lamb of God
Himsa-you've seen too much
New England Metal and Hardcore fest from this past year
Darkest Hour-Thrashology

i have some cds too which i am selling, i will make a list for you all later. and if i really need to i guess that i can take pics.

i am so sick of being lonely. its lame. i'm so sick of being bored all the time, anyways i think i am done with this thing


oh my god.

11/14: Tampa, FL @ The Masquerade w/ Darkest Hour, The Red Chord, Muncipal Waste

ps, life sucks, but who is going to this with me?

ok, so whose going to these with me, i will be driving

Pics of Tattoo/Shows/CD reviews

Friday October 21st, 2005
Black Dahlia Murder;
Between The Buried and Me;
sp guests tba.

The Masquerade
Tickets $12.00 in advance
$12.00 - Day of Show
Doors open 7:00PM

Saturday October 22nd, 2005
Pablo Fransisco

Sunday October 23rd, 2005
Norma Jean;
Darkest Hour;
Still Remains;
The Handshake Murders.
The State Theatre
Tickets $12.00 in advance
$12.00 - Day of Show
Doors open 6:00PM

plus a couple of justin's(fitspresents.com) shows at the 688

anyways, i bought a bunch of cd's and i have a couple pics of my finnished tat behind the cut

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does anybody know of anybody in the jacksonville area or somebody planning on moving there that is in need of a roomate, i am moving up there asap because i am so sick of fucking brandon and the majority of the people that live here. i seriously can't handle living here, i am too stressed all the time.

someone that is reliable?

please get in touch with me asap, i want to be there in plenty of time so that i can start school for the spring term and already be settled in.

you can contact me through here by messaging me, or contact me through aim if its easier for you

sn is tu se mortaXXX

this is really important and i would appreciate any help i can get

please too if you can ask your friends i would appreciate it

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so i quit my band tonight, i don't really feel that it was working out the way we all wanted to. when i really think about it it was best for not only the band, but for myself as well. i don't have the time that the band deserves for me to dedicate myself, i can't put in the effort that i should be to better myself and to make my contribution to the band to the point where it should be.

we talked about it alot tonight, we are still friends and i love the guys, i think it is just a better idea for me to step down as their bass player and they support my decision.

i dont really have much to add on to that

i am sad about it, but i dont know what else to do


ok, before i start, heres two things to remember, also take the time to fucking read it

1. you are entitled to your own opinion, thats understood, but dont reply with bullshit about how i am dumb and i dont know what i am talking about, anyone that knows me know i am blunt about things so i really dont give a fuck what you have to say unless it is somewhat intellegent.


now that i am done with that here it goes.

anyone that know me know i am edge and i am mother fucking god damn proud of it.

i am not one of those assholes that is going to say "oh i cant hang out with you because you're not edge", i dont like it but my opinion wont change of you because of that, you're either a shithead or you're not.

i am not here to tell you what you can and cant do, for the most part that majority of you are smart enough to understand what you are doing. i dont think its right, and most typical shitheads answer is "well its alright if you are responsible about it", have you ever seen someone actually responsible about it, even people that legally are able to drink, maybe excluding your parents, because i sure as hell haven't.

also, if you are going to claim edge, then claim edge, dont be a fucking pussy about it like half the kids in brandon and say you're edge, and then sellout a month later. kids like you i have no god damn respect for, you're all pussies, you are too fucking weak to stick to what you say.

claiming edge is a fucking lifetime commitment to abstain from alcohol, tobacco, drugs and promiscuity. if you can't fucking handle it, don't be an asshole and claim it

you will lose any fucking respect alot of kids have for you because you are just a true fucking peice of shit that cant stick to your word.

i realize that alot of you will disagree, but i can be open minded and fucking listen to what you have to say but you have to have some respect for what i am saying.

ps this is for any edge kid that is fucking tired of hearing all this fucking bullshit like i am.

if you feel the need to then you can message me, and i will take my time to explain myself furthur to any of you or just listen to your comments, concerns, whatever you have. but dont be a bitch about it.

sooooo, i dont know

Evergreen Terrace/On Broken Wings/Most Precious Blood @ the state was pretty good, but not amazing like i expected. newjacks everywhere, one kid yelled for et to play an underoath song, jesus.

so looks like i will probably not be attending hellfest this year, i am so fucking pissed, just things arent working out the way they were planned.

airfare not a problem, ticket not a problem, all other expenses a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggg problem, and its just definately a huge problem.

with this is mind i will have a ticket for sale over the next couple of days, it was 99 bucks so will probably sell a little cheaper, not much though. i will be accepting paypal and only paypla just because it works.

other news, the band is doing pretty good, check us out here, new name hope you guys like it


we have a show at the 688 skatepark in clearwater 10/31, its with winter solstice and bloodlined calligraphy, so start promoting the fuck out of that. thanks to fire in the sky presents for hooking us up with that one.   ps go to their fucking shows, they are all pretty damn good


i have so much on my damn mind, its not putting me in the greatest of a mood, i'll get over it

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I need money so the following dvd's are for sale
-Team America
-Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle
-The Butterfly Effect
-The Girl Next Door
-Lord of the Rings:The Return of the King
-Lord of the Rings:The Two Towers
-South Park-Bigger Longer Uncut
-Bad Santa
-Blue Collar Comedy Tour:The Movie
-Dodgeball:A True Underdog Story
-Scarface:2 disc anniversary edition
-Friday Night Lights
--Chris Rock:Bigger and Blacker
-Furnace Fest 2002

i would like to see these go for a fair price, so make me some offers and if they get ridiculous i guess i will just set prices. i iwll let them go for relatively cheap though.

They are all in good condition.

Anyways i really need money so tell your friends, i will have shirt, buttons, patches, cd's, and posters including pics up[ for sale tomorrow.

please make an